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Is it just us, or does it feel like when you’re trying to find the right auto care service, it feels more like throwing a dart at a map? You google “Windshield Replacement Services Near Me” in Chandler, AZ, and it seems like ad after ad appears. Not only does this feel spammy, but it’s rather disingenuous when all you want is a real company with real quality work. We feel you. Just because we work in the auto glass industry, doesn’t mean we treat your business the same way “they” do. So let’s talk about what makes an auto glass shop better than the next. 

History + Experience

Two things that first come to mind are both history in the industry and the experience that yields. We cannot imagine trying to do the work we do every day without the years of working with customers and their various auto glass needs. All of those years, perfecting our craft has really made us who we are today. We have built our company on that history, and customers have given us a chance to become experts. In today’s competitive auto glass world, it’s easy to put together slick-looking marketing to lead people to think you know what it takes. Others might join a brand with big-box name recognition but have little personal experience in the field. Choose an auto glass business that was built by someone right next door and has been molding their business for years. 

Personal + Service

In the customer service space, there is nothing worse than being treated like a number. We work hard to treat you and your auto glass situation uniquely, as we’ve learned no two projects are the same. When shops get too busy, often what you see in big-name shops, your vehicle sits in a queue until someone from some far off place attempts to help you with your Chandler, Arizona auto glass issue. You can have both personal care and quality service. When you choose to use a local shop, you will work with locals who are familiar with locations and Chandler life. Chances are a shop like us can handle your issues faster since we have fewer processes to work through. 

Quality People + Materials

Something customers don’t often think about when choosing an auto service company is who is doing the installing? We choose companies based on external factors, like how professional they look online, maybe customer reviews, or a recommendation by a friend. What matters the most is who is actually doing the replacement or repair for you and their experience, right? Find out what you can about who does the work and their experience or training. For example, All of our installers are professional auto glass workers with years of experience. Even those who we hire new into the industry are trained by. the best so we can ensure you’re getting the best work possible. 

On the other side of this is using a company that knows their manufacturers and suppliers. Some companies aren’t even sure where their auto glass comes from. This is problematic. It’s important to know your auto glass is new (especially if it’s marketed that way) and that it adheres to auto industry safety standards. We are pleased to report that we do know, and we have spent years perfecting our suppliers and building successful relationships with them. 

Here are some great questions to ask your next auto glass company.

  1. How long have you been in business, and are you licensed and insured for auto glass work? 
  2. Who will be performing the work on my vehicle, and have they been trained?
  3. Where does your auto glass come from, and is it certified, or does it follow auto industry safety standards? 
  4. Can you take me through the process of working with your company from start to finish? 
  5. Will you work with my insurance company to see if my service is covered? 
  6. Can you tell me more about my requested services and an estimate on how long it will take?

A Recap of Most Important Points

  • Choose a company that has years of experience working in the auto glass industry. Don’t be afraid to ask about this point. 
  • Learn more about the company and its’ expertise in the services you need. Follow up with questions about cost transparency and timeframes. 
  • Take note as to how quickly and thoroughly the customer support team is. If they are not making you a priority, find a new shop to work with. 
  • Understand where your auto glass is coming from and if it comes with any guarantees, certifications, or factory warranties. 

We hope this article has helped you choose the best windshield replacement or repair shop in Chandler, Arizona. 

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