The Dangers of Driving With Damaged Glass

We’ve all had small cracks or chips appear on our windshields from rocks or other factors and many are left wondering if they need to have such a small issue fixed right away. Yes, it is important to have any damage on your front or rear windshield repaired as soon as possible to prevent further expenses and unsafe conditions. Each year, around 3 million people are injured in car crashes, some of those individuals suffering from permanent damages. When you drive a vehicle with damaged glass, even small, it puts you and your passengers at risk of dangerous injuries if an accident occurs. Certain states have even created laws around driving a vehicle with damaged glass due to how unsafe it can be. Don’t put you, your passengers, or other drivers at risk, read more to learn about the dangers of driving with damaged glass.

Unclear Vision

Even small cracks or chips in a windshield can pose an issue with visibility and can also cause distracted driving. If you live in an area that is subject to extreme temperatures, cracks on your windshield can spread without warning and affect your line of sight while behind the wheel. This can be extremely dangerous and may lead to serious accidents if you are unable to see the road or oncoming traffic. Damaged windshields have also been shown to cause distracted drivers, who can struggle to see around the cracks. Not being able to see the road and distracted driving is two serious issues that can lead to accidents and injuries.

Issues With Airbag Deployment

People are often surprised to learn that a car’s front windshield can affect their airbag sensors and prevent proper deployment. When the integrity of the glass is compromised, it can cause airbag sensors to fail during impact. This can be extremely dangerous for you and your passengers and can lead to serious injuries from the accident. You wouldn’t want to put your friends or family at risk while on the road, be sure to have any glass damages assessed by a professional as soon as possible.

Avoid Legal Issues

In states across the country, there are laws regarding the use of a motor vehicle that has a damaged windshield. Though each state has different rules and specifications, the dangers of driving with damaged glass and the increase in bodily injuries called for lawmakers to make a change. If you drive with a cracked windshield, the police may pull you over and even issue a fine. You can avoid these expensive situations by having your damaged glass repaired quickly. Usually, the cost of a police ticket for damaged glass is less than the cost of a brand new windshield!

Increased Injuries During an Accident

Due to the increased risk of airbag failure with a damaged windshield, the risk of serious accidents occurring to you or your passengers during an accident is much higher. If your airbag does not deploy due to compromised glass, you are at risk of being ejected through the front windshield during an accident. The glass may shatter much easier than usual and may spray towards you with a great deal of force. A front windshield protects the structural integrity of your vehicle, so when it is damaged your entire roof could collapse during impact. This could cause serious damages and lead to you and your passengers becoming trapped in the car. 

Don’t Wait, Glass Repair is Affordable

Don’t let the fear of an expensive installation prevent you from having your damaged windshield repaired! Many people are surprised to learn that windshield repair and replacement are affordable and can be completed quickly. In most cases, a complete front windshield replacement can be completed in under one hour depending on the make and model of your vehicle. If you get pulled over by the police and are issued a ticket, they are often more expensive than the total cost of a new windshield! Don’t get yourself in an expensive situation, reach out to one of our experts today to schedule your windshield repair services.

It’s easy to ignore small chips or dents in our front windshield but having them assessed and fixed promptly is crucial. When you drive with damaged glass, you are putting yourself and your passengers at a greater risk of injury during an accident. Airbag failure, roof collapse, and ejection are all serious situations that can occur due to a damaged windshield. You want to be sure that you are taking all the steps necessary to be safe while behind the wheel, so reach out to us today and we can create a repair plan for your front windshield glass.

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