Top 6 Causes for Damaged Windshields

Sometimes, the best way to avoid a damaged windshield is to know the top ways your windshield can get damaged. Did you know that windshield repair and replacement is the top insurance claim made within the United States? 

When it comes to auto care, we tend to think of oil changes, engine maintenance, and tire replacements. But, your windshield is a high-ticket item that needs to be cared for. Here are the top six ways a windshield gets damaged and how you can avoid these situations. 

Following Trucks – Most people have been the victim of a random rock getting thrown up onto their windshield by a Mack truck. First of all, this is often a little scary if you don’t see it coming. Second, there is very little you can do to avoid this road hazard unless you have a good bit of distance between you and the truck. Ideally, you don’t want to be following these vehicles too closely with your own. Even leaving distance between you and a truck like this can result in poor outcomes. 

Remedy – Do yourself a favor and don’t follow these vehicles. Move clear of them every chance you get, whether you’re on a small country road or the freeway.

Installation Failure – Not all windshield replacement businesses are created equal. Properly installed auto glass is essential for your safety and the safety of others on the road. Improperly installed windshields are either not sized correctly or are not sealed with the right materials. Poor installation practices can lead to devastating effects, including accidents and injury. The vibration of the vehicle on the road can knock your windshield loose, leaving you in a precarious position while on the road. 

Remedy – Do your homework when looking for qualified auto glass installers. Not only should the shops have a history in the auto glass industry but, also offer labor warranties on their work. 

Accidents – Another common cause of windshield damage is vehicle accidents. Your windshield is designed to protect you, and part of doing that is cracking or shattering to provide cover for you and your passengers. However, other accidents include baseballs, teen drivers, and other unfortunate incidents like vandalism. Often your Auto Glass won’t completely break apart with these incidents, but they sure leave their mark.

Remedy – You can’t typically ward off an accident, but you can stay vigilant and aware behind the wheel to prevent accidents on the road. When it comes to other unfortunate incidents, we suggest watching where you park your car and consider what activities might be happening around your car. 

Poor Quality – Another unfortunate cause of broken or damaged windshields is that they are just poor quality. Sadly, there are plenty of companies that don’t hold up to industry standards and simply try to pump out as much auto glass as possible. This leads the consumer in an unfortunate predicament unless they are working with an auto glass retailer that has trusted resources. For example, we have spent the better part of two decades building relationships with our manufacturers and suppliers. 

Remedy – Research the auto glass company you choose and, don’t be afraid to ask questions about where their auto glass comes from. 

Extreme Temperatures – Did you know that temperature swings can cause problems for your windshield? Damaged windshields can be a result of extremely high heat temperatures or severe frigid temperatures. If you go back to your science class, you may remember that heat will cause things to expand whereas, coldness results in contraction. In either one of these cases, temperature fluctuations lead to cracking and shattering of windshields. 

Remedy – Temperature complications are hard to prevent since we don’t control the weather. You can make some small changes like parking in the shade on hot days or parking undercover or in a garage during cold winter days. 

Under Pressure – There is a certain level of pressure inside your vehicle that can conflict with the outer environment. The pressure is also linked to traveling at high speed or if something pushes against a windshield. Also, it’s not uncommon for a nearby explosion or even professional firework to cause stress fractures in auto glass. Even closing your vehicle door can lead to cracking. This typically happens if you already have a compromised windshield with either a lot of chips or other small cracks. 

Remedy – The best way to avoid pressure changes is to pay attention to your speed and park your car away from explosive environments. Also, get small chips and cracks repaired, so they don’t lead to bigger problems.

Do you need help with your auto glass or have a problem that requires a remedy? We have a professional installation team that is standing by with mobile crews to help you. Connect with us today, and let’s get you back on the road.

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