Does your company repair passenger windows?

We do indeed perform repairs on passenger windows, and although they can be difficult to replace, our trained professionals will not encounter any issues when providing you with service. Electrically powered windows won’t be an issue for us either because we possess the knowledge and expertise to fix any of the mechanical components.

Do you provide mobile services? How do they work?

This is a great question. What we recommend is that you call us and describe the issue to us so that we are informed of what is wrong ahead of time. Simple repairs allow us to be in and out of your hair in no time. We also work with your schedule and we can come to your home or your place of business to perform service. We will inquire you about some details regarding your vehicle so that we can acquire the proper materials for your replacement. If we don’t have the glass in stock, then we will contact the manufacturer directly to expedite the process.

Will my insurance cover my replacement?

This depends on your coverage. In most cases, yes, your insurance will cover any replacement expenses. However, we recommend that you reach out to us directly so that we get a better idea of your situation. We will work directly with your insurer to learn the price of your deductible and determine if there are service options that will allow us to provide you with an affordable price for our services. We will also handle all of the paperwork and other tedious processes when it comes to filing a claim with your insurance.

Will I need to recalibrate my windshield?

If an Advanced Driver-Assistance System (ADAS) is installed in your vehicle, then yes, you will need to recalibrate it. ADAS systems rely on lasers, sensors, cameras, and other computerized components to provide you with a safe and secure driving experience. Recalibration is often performed if your windshield needs to be realigned or replaced so that your ADAS system will function properly. Even if your camera becomes unplugged, simply plugging back is not enough; you will also need to recalibrate it.

How long does it take to repair or replace my windshield?

Repairs do not take a long time at all, which makes them perfect for our mobile services. Repairs on average take about 15 to 30 minutes to complete. Windshield replacements take about an hour to complete, and you will also have to wait for the urethane adhesive to cure, which can take to up to two hours depending on the outdoor conditions. We strongly recommend that you wait for the adhesive to cure, otherwise your windshield will loosen and this will require you to readjust it or potentially pay for unwanted expenses to repair it.

What makes your company stand out from your competition?

We are a fully licensed and insured provider of windshield repair and replacement solutions in the city of Chandler, Arizona, and the surrounding areas. Many of our previous customers can attest to our professionalism and reliability, and we also offer affordable repair and replacement services that none of our competitors are able to offer. We have also established partnerships with many windshield manufacturers who provide us with affordable and economical prices on their materials. We perform installations on a near-daily basis and we also offer a strong warranty for our services.

Does your company offer a warranty?

We do and our warranties are fully guaranteed, which means that we will cover 100% of the cost to have anything repaired or replaced. If any issues arise with your windshield or door glass, then do not hesitate to give us a call. We will have the issue resolved in no time.

How do you go about replacing a windshield or rear window?

Our replacements are a multi-step process that requires a lot of precision and attention to detail. What we do is inspect your glass to determine and assess the damage, then we remove the glass and prepare your vehicle for the installation of new materials. We will also clean the interior of your car to ensure if any significant damage has occurred to establish a safe interior setting. Once the new glass is installed, we clean it and then wait for the urethane adhesive to cure. For rear windows, we will also need to detach and reattach the defroster.

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