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If you're seeking more information about mobile windshield replacement, you've come to the right place. Our goal is to get your windshield repaired fast while you tend to your other daily responsibilities. We are leaders in this industry. We have been in business for more than 20-years, and it shows in our approach to service, customer care, and performance. One of our best features is our mobile services options. We can do all types of services like crack repair, replacement, and recalibrations. If you would like to get started on a mobile service with us, please contact us now, and we will help you get on the schedule.



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    Since we have been doing this so long, we have come to learn a few things about auto glass repairs and replacements. This makes us an excellent resource for all things auto glass. We can problem-solve things like leaks, chips, cracks, and replacements; all while you tend to your day-to-day life. While you take care of work responsibilities, we can replace your windshield in time for a safe trip back home. While you feed your kids lunch at home, we can get that crack repaired without you ever having to step foot in your vehicle.
    Broken windshields come from all sorts of sources. Sometimes temperature fluctuations, a rogue baseball, debris from a storm, or an accident. Regardless of how your windshield came to be damaged, we are ready to repair it.
    Driving with a damaged front window isn't in your best interest. As you likely know already, this can hinder your visibility. But a crack or shatter can also compromise the strength of your windshield. This may result in additional damage or injury. Not only will this impact your safety, but it might put your insurance or vehicle warranty at risk.
    While they don't seem like a big deal, small cracks or chips can lead to larger problems. All you need is to hit a pothole the wrong way or leave your car out in a cold snap, and that chip turns into a full-blown crack. Chips are easier to repair and will last longer than trying to repair a crack.
    Additionally, sometimes debris or water can cause leaks in poorly installed (or aging) windshields. We would be happy to help you if you're experiencing this in your car, truck, van, or SUV. Call us today to get an appointment.

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    It's safe to say that all drivers want to feel secure on the road. To increase that feeling of security, you'll need a damage-free windshield. It is just too risky to drive around Chandler with broken or shattered auto glass. The trouble with auto glass, while stronger than residential glass, it's still easily broken. This prevents you from clear visibility on the roadway, placing you and other drivers at risk. In fact, if you were to be in an accident, you might be cited for a ticket as it creates an unsafe driving environment for others. No one wants a driving ticket. Equally concerning, if you were to get in an accident, you might be sued or ticketed for causing the accident because you had a broken windshield. Add to this, trouble with your insurance provider and wiping out your warranty.

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    Smart Features

    Do you drive a new model car? Does it have features like lane assist or front end collision breaking? Your cracked or shattered windshield will interfere with these features working correctly. The onboard camera system requires a damage-free windshield to detect obstructions. Cracks and shatters interfere with its visibility. This is why many auto manufacturers request that you have this repaired promptly to protect your auto warranty. It's in your best interest to have your windshield repaired, so you don't run into these complications. Today, many of these features save lives and prevent disastrous roadway accidents.

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    There are two types of recalibration tests for windshields. One is static and the other physical. Both of these tests are often required by automakers and insurers for overall safety. And yes, we can do both via our mobile services in Chandler. The static test involves placing a target in front of your car and conducting tests with your smart feature camera. The physical or dynamic test is a roadway service. We take your vehicle to well-marked roads and put it through the tests to ensure your system works. When your windshield isn't calibrated right, these features might not work how they were intended. While perhaps new to you, these tests are common requests from carmakers and insurers.

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    Our Business

    Chandler residents choose us for a variety of reasons. Some appreciate the ease of our mobile-friendly services so they can carry on with life. Others are happy with our competitive pricing and access to great deals on auto glass. We are also fast but don't compromise on safety, which many of our clients appreciate. When it comes to our installation team, we have the pros. If they haven't already been in the industry for years, we train them through our own program. Our staff is helpful and knowledgeable. They can quickly identify the right materials, length of time for your service, and deal with your insurance provider. We are also business-minded to give our customers confidence. That means we are licensed and insured and offer labor warranties on the work we provide you.

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    Our Partners

    We couldn't do this work without our partners. Those partners include manufacturers and suppliers. Not only do they give us access to the best pricing, but they also have superior materials. We have spent two decades finding just the right groups to work with. Those that have positive safety feedback and are consistent year after year. Our suppliers help us with things like sealants, tools, and parts to ensure your windshield and other auto glass are install correctly. Together, we adhere to the auto industry safety standards, so you feel safer on the road. Need help now? Call us today to get started.

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