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Chandler, AZ Windshield Repairs & Replacement

We aim to be the best choice for auto glass repairs for our friends in Chandler, AZ. This means we go the extra mile in our customer service and installation, so you feel confident about hiring us for the work. We have spent the better part of two decades becoming a leader in this industry, and we will keep doing that for the next two.

Chandler Windshields is a repair and replacement company working on all makes and models of cars, trucks, and SUVs. We have a full-service staff and crews who can help you with several services, including replacements, door glass repairs, recalibrations, rear back glass, special orders, window tinting, and more. We come skilled and trained, giving our customers confidence in our work. We also aim to earn your trust by being a licensed and insured company offering 100% warranties on labor. At the end of the day, our main concern is your safety, and we take that responsibility seriously. Read on to learn more about our company.

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Customer Support

Auto glass mishaps are among the most surprising repairs needed on vehicles today. These accidents tend to happen out of nowhere and are incredibly important to have fixed promptly. Driving with broken glass is a hazard, and we understand the urgency of these repairs. We will locate your glass quickly, schedule your appointment, and have you back on the road in no time. We can also work with your insurance provider to see if they cover the work. Yes, auto glass can get pricey, but we are good at making sure your coverage applies. If your insurance doesn't cover a repair or replacement, we go the extra mile to find the most affordable options available.

Partner With Manufacturers

One of the most significant assets in our business is our partnerships with suppliers. This has taken two decades to accomplish and has been worth every shift and adjustment we have had to make to get to the best. Our manufacturers adhere to auto industry standards. Our suppliers also uphold these measures when it comes to sealants and other components we use to fix your auto glass. These may seem like small details to you, but for us, it's how we keep safety in mind for you and your family.

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Our Crew

There is no mistaking it, our success is built off the people in this company. From the top-down, our crew is made up of professionals, experienced installers, and their dedication to superior customer satisfaction. We have an in-house staff who is skilled at learning about your auto glass issue and scheduling to make your life easier. Our installers are trained and problem solvers. Our leadership is relentless in customer care and leads the team in great communication. All of these factors give us the edge over the competition and keeps customers coming back time and time again.

Need Help Now?

We are standing by to help you with your auto glass needs. Call or message any time, we are here to help.

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