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Are you looking for a quality windshield replacement for your SUV in the Chandler, Arizona area? Do you need the services done fast by technicians that can travel to your location? Chandler Windshield provides some of the most reliable glass services in Arizona and has been proudly serving clients for over 20 years! We can service nearly any make or model of SUV and have the ability to order materials for fast delivery if we do not have them in stock. Our glass experts are highly trained to provide not only windshield replacements but also glass tinting, door glass repairs, recalibrations, custom orders, rear glass, and countless other services. You can book your appointment with ease knowing our company is fully licensed, insured, and carries a guarantee for labor satisfaction. Our team is ready to provide you with exceptional customer service, top-rated services, and quality materials. This has helped us to gain the title of glass experts and has helped us to gain our loyal base of clients. You can reach out to us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment. Read below to learn more about the benefits of SUV glass replacements and how we can help you.



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    Our Mobile Glass Services

    Quick and Efficient Replacement

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    We understand that windshield damage can happen at the most inconvenient times when it’s just not realistic to wait at a garage for hours or drop your SUV off for days at a time. Daily schedules are often packed and being without a vehicle for an extended period of time would cause a huge disruption. That’s why we offer mobile glass replacement services, where our technicians travel to your location and quickly complete the job. Whether you are working from home, the office, or are at the park to watch a sports game, our glass experts can work efficiently in any environment. It’s important that you reach out to our staff quickly so that we can assess any damage and create a plan of action for your SUV. On average, our technicians can complete a standard windshield replacement in as little as one hour! Once the windshield is in place, you may need to wait an additional hour before driving for the adhesive to cure and secure into place. The exact amount of time will vary depending on the extent of damage, weather, temperature, and overall conditions. The sooner you reach out to us the better, so you can avoid causing additional damage to your glass or structure of the SUV.

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    Increased Safety

    It’s easy to overlook small cracks or chips in your windshield if they don’t completely obstruct your line of sight. You should always have the damage assessed quickly because even small cracks can lead to expensive and dangerous issues with your SUV. Many people are unaware that windshields are designed to maintain the structural integrity of a vehicle and when the glass is compromised, it can lead to dangerous malfunctions with the airbags. In an accident, a damaged windshield can lead to a collapsed roof, shattered glass, or even airbag failure. These scenarios can lead to serious injuries for you and your passengers. Be sure to keep everyone safe while you are behind the wheel by having any glass damage repaired immediately.

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    While a complete SUV windshield repair may seem difficult and expensive, that is simply not the case. Thanks to advances in technology, most standard glass replacements can be done in around 30 minutes to one hour! People are often surprised by the low cost associated with our glass services, though we always provide an up-front cost to avoid any unanticipated financial surprises. We can even work with your insurance company to see if any of the cost is covered under your plan. Don’t take the risk of getting pulled over and issued a fine, the cost for a windshield replacement is typically lower and more affordable!

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    Quality Materials and Service

    We guarantee that our glass and materials are of the highest quality available to the Chandler, Arizona area! No matter what make or model your SUV is, we will be able to provide strong and durable glass for your front or rear windshield. Even if you have a specialty model or need tinted glass, we are able to order anything from our manufacturers for quick delivery. This ensures you can complete the job fast and that you won’t have to go any extended time without your SUV. Our glass windshields can stand up to the most demanding temperatures and environments in Arizona.

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    Our Commitment To You

    Chandler Windshield Repair has proudly served the Chandler and surrounding Arizona communities with quality glass services for nearly two decades! Our company is fully licensed and insured with a staff of highly trained, knowledgeable glass professionals. Our years of experience have helped us to gain the title of glass experts. We guarantee you will be fully satisfied with our installation and product that we stand behind our promise to you. If you have damage to any of the glass on your SUV, reach out to us soon so we can help get you back on the road.

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    Will My Insurance Cover The Costs?

    We work with many different insurance companies that cover the cost of windshield repair and replacement. Specific coverages will depend on your unique plan, deductibles, and coverage choices. You don’t have to worry about spending hours on the phone waiting to speak with a representative, we can handle all of the insurance phone and paperwork for you. Even if the glass or services are not covered under your insurance, we can work with you to get your deductible information and provide affordable options. We see many customers that are shocked to learn glass repairs and replacements are covered under their insurance! Call today and let us help fix your SUV.

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