Common causes behind broken windshields?

Sometimes you wake up for work in the morning, and when you leave your home and walk over to your car, you notice that there is a huge crack in your windshield. Naturally, you want to know how it happened. There are many different factors that can account for a broken windshield, and we want to explain them to you.

Low-Quality Glass

The glass material of your windshield is a common culprit when it comes to broken glass. Very minimal impact by any kind of debris will cause your glass windshield to crack, and as it contracts and expands throughout the years, you begin to notice the formation of tiny cracks which can get a lot worse very quickly. 

Whenever you decide to install a new windshield, make sure you go through a reputable dealer so that you will have access to superior glass materials. Most windshield replacements can be costly, but they provide you with a great deal of durability and structural resilience. With cheaper glass materials, you will have to repair your windshield more often and are also much more liable to damage in the first place.

Extreme Weather and Fluctuating Temperatures

Unpredictable and changing temperatures also have a major effect on your windshield because this will cause the glass material to expand, which will make a small crack much worse. This is why drivers in Canada experience a lot of damage to their windshield; they often have hot summers and sub-zero winters. 

We always recommend that you try to park your car in a temperature-neutral area if you can. We understand that indoor parking is a luxury for many people, but this can still make a great difference in protecting your windshield from undergoing damage.

Faulty Installations

A common cause of cracks in your windshield is a faulty installation. In many instances, the windshield will either become displaced from its frame, or they are tightly attached to its frame. Added pressure and looseness of the framing can cause the windshield to sustain small cracks and chips. Again, always hire a reliable dealer to perform any installations.

Car Accidents

Car crashes account for a lot of damaged windshields for obvious reasons. What will likely happen is the crack will form in an area where you cannot immediately see it following a crash. Small cracks will quickly get worse before you realize it, and then you may have to replace the entire windshield, which can be rather costly.

When you undergo a major car crash, you should have your vehicle inspected routinely by a mechanic to ensure that nothing is out of place and detect any problems early on before they get any worse.

Rural Roads

If you live in a more rural area, then you drive through a lot of roads that are shabby and made of gravel. When driving through a rural road, odds are that gravel and debris will collide with your windshield, which will create minuscule cracks at first but they will eventually get worse and expand. When driving through areas, we recommend that you closely monitor your speed and be extra vigilant.

Road Hazards

Let’s be real, the road is far from the safest place on earth; accidents are always liable to happen. Also, rocks and random objects can fly up into your vehicle’s windshield at any time. If your driving near a baseball field, then there’s even a chance that an errant baseball can find its way into a collision with your windshield. Although it seems improbable that something like this would occur, it nonetheless happens a lot more often than you may believe.

Strong Wind and Hail

Strong winds and hail also play a major role in causing damage to your windshield. When hail makes contact with your windshield, it won’t always cause it to crack, but it will weaken the glass material, which will give rise to tiny cracks. 

Strong winds can also create problems for you and your windshield. This is because gusting winds tend to carry debris and other objects and project them through the air, and they will inevitably collide with your vehicle’s windshield. This will only initially chip the glass material, but the damage will only get progressively worse. 


There is a multitude of factors that can account for any damage done to your windshield. We always encourage everyone to take a proactive approach to prevent any major damage from occurring, as this could create a safety hazard for yourself and other drivers. Everything from the outdoor conditions to the quality of your glass windshield plays a role in any minor or damage.

Any time a small crack develops on your windshield, you should immediately repair it or else the damage will quickly get worse and force you to replace your entire windshield, which can be very costly. You also never want to wait to fix your windshield for safety reasons.

Do you have questions about windshield repairs or damage prevention? Go ahead and call us right now! One of our representatives will gladly tell you everything you need to know!

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