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Auto Glass Repair Near Me

Does this sound familiar? You get into your car, notice a crack in your window. You take a deep breath, filled with irritation, and grab your phone. You open Google, and you start typing, “Chandler auto glass repair,” and it auto-fills with “near me.” You search and scroll through the dozens of results and ads that appear. You sigh again in irritation. You think, “How am I to know what shop to choose?” 

Dear fellow Chandler friend, we completely understand. We aren’t sure how you landed on our page, but we are glad to have you. Unlike some “big box” names shops, we are local, and we treat you like the neighbor you are. We have been installing auto glass for nearly two decades, and we have become a leading expert in our area. We hire the best and source from the best because we believe you deserve the best. 

Below you will learn a little about who we are and a few reasons why you should get your broken auto glass repaired as soon as possible. 

The Company

As many shops do, we started from a humble beginning and worked our way to building a large scale auto glass shop with multiple locations in central Arizona. Over the years, we have learned what our customers need and their biggest concerns. Our main priorities are:

  • Listen to customers and help them through the process quickly
  • Never sacrifice safety for speed
  • Souce high-quality auto glass from leading manufacturers 
  • Pass on competitive pricing to our loyal customers

Our company leadership guides the rest of the staff and install teams on best practices and regular training. Everyone here is committed to a great customer experience. We are a licensed and insured business and offer 100% labor warranties on our work. 

Our Team

One of the most important business-building items we’ve learned over the years is hiring the best people. We hire kind customer service representatives who are knowledgeable and often know more than customers about what they need. This is helpful, as it gives our customers confidence in the entire process. Our staff will work with your insurance provider to learn about how you might be covered with your repair. Why pay out of pocket if you are fully or partially covered, right? 

Our install teams are top-notch technicians who have learned how to repair, replace, and remedy just about any auto glass problem you can hand them. Our installation teams work out of our mobile units and handle repairs at customer homes or places of business. These professionals know how to repair quickly without sacrificing safety standards. They are just as committed to customer service as the rest of our team is. 

Repairing Your Auto Glass

We know that many people tend to look at auto glass as an annoying task that takes up time they don’t have. There are a few reasons why you should have your vehicle’s windows fixed as soon as you can, and we are going to list those below. 

  • Security – Broken auto glass invites the eyes and unsavory behaviors of those who are looking for an easy break-in. 
  • Safety – A damaged window can lead to other problems like worsening damages or additional injuries when in accidents. 
  • Function – Cracks and shatters can interfere with your smart features such as lane assist, front end collision, pedestrian alerts, or blind spot detection. Your rain sensor might also be impacted by the damage. 
  • Insurance – If you ignore your broken auto glass, it could impact your insurance coverage. 
  • Legal – You can be pulled over and ticketed if your auto glass is broken or investigators find it was partially to blame for an accident. 

We want to help you get back on the road safely and with as little disruption to your life as possible. Call or connect with us today to have your auto glass repaired or replaced.

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