The Dangers of Using a DIY Windshield Repair Kit

Are you searching for the easiest way to repair your cracked windshield? Unsure if a DIY kit is a right choice for you? While these kits may seem like an easy and convenient option, choosing to repair your glass with one can have dangerous consequences. Repairing damages to the front or rear vehicular glass requires precision and incredible attention to detail, which often forms from years of experience, training, and guidance. No matter how simple a DIY kit claims to be, the process of repairing damaged glass should not be completed by someone who has no experience. Keep reading below to learn more about the dangers associated with trying to repair your own windshield at home.

Incorrect Application Can Lead To Visibility Issues

DIY windshield repair kits usually contain materials like epoxy resin that is used to fill in cracks or chips. It may seem easy but this material can be extremely challenging to work with, as the installation process contains meticulous steps that must be followed precisely. If any mistakes are made during installation, it can lead to dangerous smears and clouding that can affect your visibility behind the wheel. This can be especially dangerous if it occurs while you are driving, it could lead to an accident or inability to see hazards in the road. Don’t put your safety or your passengers’ safety at risk, reach out to a professional to assist with any damages to your windshield.

DIY Kits Are A Temporary Solution

While the price and convenience of at-home repair kits are appealing, these options are just a short-term solution to fixing cracks and chips in your vehicle’s glass. These kits are marketed as a reliable way to fix damage to your glass but the reality is that these kits just bandage the problem and it will still have to be fixed in the future. This can lead to you spending twice the money on repairs versus one single cost if you have a professional company complete the job. If you have already used a repair kit on your car and are noticing the cracks start to return, reach out to a local company for options on additional repairs.

Cracking Can Still Occur After Using A DIY Repair Kit

As discussed above, cracking in your windshield can still occur even after using a repair kit on the affected areas. Even if the materials in the kit seem to fill the cracks enough, they will eventually continue to spread across your windshield and cause issues with visibility and structural integrity. The main danger of cracks that spread is that they can occur without warning, especially during times of fluctuating temperatures or weather events. If you are not expecting this, it can lead to an accident or the inability to see hazards on the road. 

You May Be Injured In An Accident

A huge disadvantage associated with at-home glass repair kits is the risk of injuries and roof collapse in the case of an accident. DIY kits may cover the cracks on the glass but the structural integrity may still be compromised, which can be dangerous if there is an accident or impact against your car. When glass is damaged, it’s common for it to shatter during an accident or for the roof of your vehicle to fully collapse. It can be hard to tell whether there are structural issues just by looking with the eye and will require a professional to assess the situation. 

Weather Conditions Can Affect The Curing Process

With how unpredictable the weather can be, relying on it to stay consistent during the installation and curing process is a big gamble. Professional repair companies have climate-controlled areas where you can be sure that the environment will be optimal for the curing process. Even mobile glass repair services use the proper materials that will function for your area’s climate and current conditions. This is a great option for drivers with a busy schedule or inability to be without their car for an extended period of time.

Having your windshield repaired by a professional doesn’t have to be stressful or leave you without your car for hours or even days. The process is simple and is guaranteed to be more effective than using a dangerous, low-quality at-home repair kit.

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