Chandler Windshield Calibration: What Is It and Why Is It So Important?

Windshield Calibration Is An Important Step In The Replacement Process

Many drivers in Chandler, Arizona are unaware of how important a windshield calibration is and how the service is designed to keep your vehicle running safely. A lot of newer model vehicles come equipped with many standard safety features like lane assist, collision prevention, and classic cruise control many of us are familiar with. These elements are designed to keep us safe while on the road, even if we fail to see an obstacle or issue that could lead to an accident. During a windshield calibration in Chandler, a professional technician will complete a series of steps and tests to ensure each camera, laser, and other system element is aligned perfectly. This will ensure the cameras and radars are collecting accurate data to assist with automatic braking and lane assist.

The ADAS In Our Vehicles: Simple Breakdown

ADAS is short for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, which consist of many smaller elements that work together to collect information and determine processes based on the data. While most newer models feature an ADAS from the manufacturer, many older models also have cameras, parking assist, and cruise control. These elements rely on a properly functioning and calibrated windshield, especially if one of the main cameras is situated on or near the glass. For more information on your specific ADAS and the specifications of the system, reach out to the manufacturer or your trusted auto mechanic.

Do Insurance Companies Cover Windshield Calibrations?

It’s difficult to say whether insurance companies cover the costs of window calibrations because each individuals’ policy is unique and offers different coverage options. If you need specific information on your selected policy and the coverages provided, you can refer to your policy documents or reach out to your insurance company directly for assistance. Over the last years, more insurance companies added windshield calibrations for coverage under the glass section, depending on how and why your car is in need of the service. The experts at Chandler Windshield can help with any insurance-related questions and selected coverages.

Where Can I Have My Windshield Calibrated In Chandler?

There are many garages and windshield companies that offer calibration services, though it’s important to research the company for licenses, insurance, and recent reviews. Many contractors do not carry the proper insurance that would provide you with coverage in case there are any errors while completing the service. This can save you money in the long run from trying to fix a bad windshield installation or recalibration. Reading recent reviews is also a great way to ensure you feel comfortable with the company and the summary of their recent work.

Don’t Wait To Schedule Your Service Appointment

If you notice that your windshield has cracks, chips, or other damages, it’s crucial you bring the vehicle in for service repairs as soon as possible. When the glass is compromised, it can affect the important cameras and impact sensors located throughout the vehicle. In the scenario of an accident, it can lead to dangerous outcomes like roof collapse, shattering glass, and severe bodily injuries. Having your glass repaired or replaced if needed and calibrated is the best way to ensure each element of the ADAS is functioning properly and that the structural integrity of the vehicle is secure in case of an accident. If you are in need of glass repairs or calibration services, reach out to Chandler Windshield for a free estimate and appointment scheduling.

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