Auto Glass: How To Prevent A Cracked Windshield From Shattering

A cracked windshield is one of the most common forms of damage that can occur to a vehicle but thankfully, it is an easy issue to fix. Once you notice any cracks or chipping in your auto glass, it’s important to contact a licensed shop as soon as possible to schedule an appointment for repairs. Driving a vehicle with cracked auto glass puts the material at an increased risk of shattering, sometimes without warning. Keep reading below to learn about the dangers of driving with a damaged windshield and how you can prevent your cracked windshield from shattering.

Driving With A Cracked Windshield Is Dangerous

Many drivers believe that driving with small cracks or chips in their auto glass poses no safety issues but this is simply not true. Any form of damage to your front or rear windshield makes the materials more prone to shattering or having the crack spread into your line of sight. This can lead to an accident if you are behind the wheel, putting you at risk of bodily injury.

A cracked windshield lacks the necessary strength to protect you in an accident, meaning your car’s roof can collapse during front-end impact or a rollover crash. The best way to prevent these serious scenarios is to have any damage on your auto glass assessed and repaired by a licensed glass expert. Clients local to the Arizona area are encouraged to contact Chandler Windshield for a free estimate on services.

How Can I Prevent My Cracked Windshield From Shattering?

While the only way to truly prevent your cracked windshield from shattering is to have a licensed professional complete a glass repair or replacement. There are many home remedies and DIY kits available to fix small issues but it’s not recommended to use these items. You can read below to find some of the small things you can do to prevent your windshield from shattering before it can be repaired.

Avoid Temperature Changes

One of the most important things to do if you notice your vehicle has a cracked windshield is to keep it in a cool, shaded area to prevent effects from temperature fluctuations. If you leave your car out in the hot Arizona temperatures all day and then it cools off at night, your auto glass will have both expanded and decreased in size due to this fluctuation. This minor change in size is enough to cause compromised areas of the glass to shatter or become more damaged. It’s recommended to keep the car parked in a shaded area, covered or indoors if possible, to prevent temperatures and direct sunlight from causing further issues to the auto glass.

Keep The Vehicle Parked and Covered

As stated above, keeping your vehicle parked and covered can help prevent glass shattering from direct sunlight, hot Chandler temperatures, and flying debris. It’s important not to drive your car on gravel or bumpy roads when there is a crack in the windshield, as this can lead to rocks and debris flying up and further damaging your glass. Keeping it parked in an indoor or covered area can help protect the glass not only from the size changes associated with temperature changes but can also protect it from humidity changes with rain or other weather events.

Avoid Using DIY Kits Or Remedies

It can be tempting to try any home remedy to fix your cracked windshield and avoid having to bring your car into the auto shop. Some online retailers will suggest using items like nail polish to fill in the cracks or will recommend a DIY kit to fix the issue. You should never attempt to fix a glass issue at home with a kit, as these types of solutions often cause more expensive issues and damage over time. These kits do not consider the structural integrity or auto systems linked to your windshield, which is why you should only trust a licensed and insured professional.

It May Pose Legal Issues

In some states, driving with a cracked windshield can lead to you being pulled over and issued a citation. This is because some states have created laws and regulations against driving with an unsafe car that puts you and other drivers at risk of injury. The only way to be sure you are safe after a cracked windshield and to avoid expensive fines is to park your car until it is able to be repaired.

Schedule A Repair Appointment

Drivers local to the Arizona area are encouraged to contact a professional garage like Chandler Windshield to schedule an appointment for glass repairs. The glass experts can provide you with a free estimate for the repairs and can even send a mobile technician to your location to complete the job. Avoid using at home DIY kits or remedies and let the professionals handle the hard work.

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