Windshield Repairs: What To Do While Waiting For Your Vehicle

Drivers in Phoenix are no strangers to the dangers of broken windshields. Whether you’ve been in a car accident or your vehicle was struck by flying debris, it can be quite unnerving to see that gaping hole through which sharp objects could fly up and hit you at any second. Fortunately for drivers with damaged windows, they can take steps while waiting for their auto glass repairs.

Clean Broken Glass

The first thing to do is clear away any broken glass from the area around the window so that it doesn’t cause more damage once it’s replaced. Next, cover and seal the window as best as possible with heavy plastic sheeting taped securely against both sides of the opening. This will prevent anything from getting inside when driving on dusty roads or in bad weather.

Call the Insurance Company

If your windshield was damaged as a result of an accident, be sure to call your insurance company as soon as possible. They may be able to help cover the cost of the repair or replacement. If you have comprehensive coverage, the damages may even be covered without having to file a claim. Be sure to have your policy number and contact information handy when speaking to your insurance company.

Take Photos

If the damage to your windshield is extensive, or if you have any questions about the repair process, it’s a good idea to take photos of the damage. This can help you as well as the auto glass technician who is repairing your window. It can also help if you need to file a claim with your insurance company. Don’t wait to take photos until the repair is completed; start as soon as the damage is noticed.

Secure a Rental Vehicle

If you’re unable to drive your vehicle because of the damaged windshield, it’s a good idea to secure a rental car. This will ensure that you have transportation while your car is being repaired. Contact your insurance company to find out if they offer rental car coverage, and be sure to keep all receipts for reimbursement. You can also search for a rental car company that offers deals for customers who have had their vehicles damaged.

Find a Reputable Repair Shop

When looking for an auto glass repair shop, choosing a reputable business is important. Ask friends and family for referrals, or do a quick online search for reviews. Make sure the shop is licensed and insured, and be sure to get a written estimate before authorizing any repairs. Some signs to watch for when hiring a repair shop include:

-The shop offers to repair without a written estimate

-The shop pressures you to make a decision quickly

-The shop tries to sell you a DIY kit

-The shop charges more than the cost of the replacement windshield

-The shop does not have a good reputation online

Auto glass technicians are licensed and insured professionals who have extensive training to repair windshields. When choosing a repair shop, be sure to ask about their technicians’ qualifications.

The best way to avoid the hassle and stress of a broken windshield is to take preventative measures. Always drive carefully in bad weather and on dusty roads, and keep an eye out for flying debris.

DIY Glass Repair Kits

One thing to avoid is using do-it-yourself glass repair kits. These kits are often of poor quality and can end up doing more damage than good. It’s always best to trust a professional to handle your windshield repairs. These types of kits can also void your car’s warranty. The risks of using a DIY repair kit include:

-Damaged windshield

-Incorrect installation

-Air and water leaks

-Reduced safety

-Poor visibility

-Glare and distortion

If you’re in the market for a new car, be sure to ask your insurance company about discounts for vehicles with factory-installed windshields. Many companies offer this discount because it’s one less thing drivers need to worry about. Having a damaged windshield can be stressful and costly, but following these tips will help make the process easier.

How Long Will a Windshield Replacement Take?

It usually takes about two hours to replace a windshield. However, the time it takes can vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle, as well as the severity of the damage.

Be sure to ask your auto glass technician how long the repair will take before scheduling an appointment. That way, you’ll have an idea of when you can expect your car to be back in working order!

Do All Windshield Cracks Need to be Fixed?

Not all windshield cracks need to be fixed. If the crack is less than six inches long and does not extend into the driver’s field of view, it can usually be left alone. However, if the crack starts to spread or if it becomes difficult to see out of, it’s time for a repair or replacement.

What Are My Options if My Windshield is Broken?

If your windshield is damaged, there are a few different options:

-Repair: this is often the most affordable option and can be done quickly; however, repairs are not always successful

-Replacement: this is a more expensive option, but it offers a longer warranty and usually looks better than a repaired window

-Insurance: many insurance companies will cover the cost of a replacement or repair, so be sure to check with your provider

-Rental car: some insurance companies will provide a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired or replaced

If you do choose to go with a rental car, be sure to keep all receipts for reimbursement. Take photos of the damage before getting it repaired or replaced. This can help with filing an insurance claim later on.

Phoenix drivers can take a few steps while waiting for their windshield to be repaired or replaced. Always call your insurance company and find out what coverage you have. Be sure to clean up any broken glass, cover the window, and seal it off to avoid further damage. You may also want to consider securing a rental car to avoid being without a vehicle.

If you choose to use a DIY kit, be sure to do your research and understand the risks involved. When it comes to auto glass repairs, it’s always best to trust a professional. They have the training and experience necessary to get the job done right!

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